Where to find us

On campus we are located in Feldgrabengebiet.

The groups of Prof. Dr. P. Blöchl (applied theoretical physics) and Prof. Dr. T. Kirchner (quantum dynamics of many particle systems) are located in Leibnizstr. 10 (Bldg. 41, Reception: Room 325).

The group of Prof. Dr. D. Mayer (statistical physics and non linear dynamics) is located at Arnold-Sommerfeldstr. 6 (Bldg. 36, Reception: Room 329).


The buildings, where you can find the departments of the Institue of theoretical physics, are highlighted in blue (building 36 and 41).

Travel by Plane and Train

The nearest airport is Hannover. Take a train from Hannover airport (Langenhagen) to Hannover main station. From there take a train to Goslar.
You may also land in Frankfurt. From here it is a three hour train ride via Göttingen and Kreiensen to Goslar.
A bus will take you from Goslar to Clausthal, where you exit at "Kronenplatz".

Travel by Bus

The best choice is to take bus line 830 from Goslar to Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Usually, a bus should leave every hour, taking half an hour to Clausthal. If you take a bus  from line 830 over Hahnenklee, the trip takes longer.
Another, but longer way is to take bus line 831 over Lautenthal.
The arrival is at Kronenplatz in Clausthal. Call us from Kronenplatz and we pick you up.

Verbundtarif Region Braunschweig - Fahrplan

When you arrive at Clausthal

Map of Clausthal: The yellow dashed lines indicate the path for pedestrians from Kronenplatz (Bus station of Clausthal) to our institute and from the Guesthouse Kuehn, where many visitors stay.
The pink lines indicate the roads that take you by car to our institute. The map is to scale, but only selected roads and buildings (land marks) are shown.


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