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[Translate to English:] Angewandte Theoretische Physik - Prof. Dr. P. E. Blöchl

  • Ab-initio Computersimulationen der elektronischen und atomaren Struktur von Festkörpern und Molekülen.
  • Materialprozesse auf atomarer Skala. Katalytische Reaktionsmechanismen und Biochemie.
  • Entwicklung neuer Simulationsmethoden.
  • Erweiterungen der Projektor Augmentierten Ebenen Wellen-(PAW-)Methode und der Car-Parrinello-(CP-)PAW Simulationssoftware.

Applied Theoretical Physics - Prof. Dr. P. E. Blöchl

  • First-principles simulations of the electronic and atomic structure of materials and molecules.
  • Materials processes on the atomic scale, catalytic mechanisms and biochemistry.
  • Development of new simulation methods.
  • Further development of the projector augmented wave method and the CP-PAW simulation package.

Quantum Dynamics of Many Particle Systems - Prof. Dr. T. Kirchner

  • Development and application of methods und algorithmns that describe time-dependent Many-Particle-Quantum Systems
  • Time-dependent density functional theory
  • High potential atomic diffusion process
  • Laser-aided electron dynamics in atomic percussions
  • Light-Material-Interactions: Fragmentation of atoms and molecules in intensive laserfields

Statistical Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics - Prof. Dr. D. Mayer

  • Thermodynamical formalism in the theory of dynamic systems
  • ergodic properties of continous fraction development
  • Transfer Operator access to dynamic Zetafunktions
  • Quantum chaos and Theory of periodic funktions for geodetical flows
  • scaling group theory of cyclic images with singularities

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